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Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers


  • CE marked
  • Technical Collaboration with TERI
  • CPG gasifiers are tested by IIT Delhi & CPG is approved manufacturer of MNRE
  • CPG range starts are from 20KWe to 1200KWe gasifiers for Thermal and Power Application
  • CPG has exported these gasifiers to countries like Thailand, Romania, Finland, Korea, USA etc.
  • 100+ CPG Gasifier running successfully


  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Rural power generation
  • Food Processing
  • Captive power generation
  • Bakeries
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Tea/Coffee Processing
  • Lime & other Industrial Kilns
  • Hot Water Generation
  • Institutional Cooking
  • Steel Re-Rolling Mills
  • Textile Dyeing
  • Charcoal Production
  • Grid based power generation


CPG manufacture different type of Gasifiers

  1. Updraft Gasifiers
  2. Downdraft Gasifiers
    • Woody Biomass Gasifiers
    • Loose Biomass Gasifiers
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These systems basically convert woody biomass /agricultural wastes like rice-husk, coconut waste etc. into a combustible gas which can be used in a number of ways:

  • Fed into diesel engines (C.I. Engines) to save 65 to 75% of the normal diesel consumption,
  • Burnt like a conventional gaseous fuel through appropriate burners, in case of thermal applications.
  • Fed into gasoline engines (S.I. Engines) to replace 100% gasoline etc.

Salient Features of
Gasification Based Plants

  • Automation- CPG manufacture fully automatic control gasifiers based on PLC & SCADA to control temperature, pressure & gas flow between gasifier & application.
  • Safety Devices- CPG manufacture gasifiers keeping in mind all safety measures & provides rupture disk, auto vent valve & water seals at different points. Due to safety feature CPG gasifiers are “CE” marked
  • Training to Customers- CPG with TERI provides training to the manpower to operate the plant smoothly & trouble free.
  • Energy Audit- CPG with TERI provides energy audit for the customers to aware them regarding energy saving & make their system cost effective.
  • Standardization- CPG gasifiers are standardized and uses all components as per international specifications, so the bought out parts are easily available all over the world.
  • Suitable for any application
    LPG/Gasoline is generally used to preserve the product quality, so this gas is suitable for Power generation & any type of thermal applications such as Food and Chemical Industries. Our extra clean gasifier systems are suitable for replacing LPG/Gasoline

Environmental aspects

  • Gasifier can be used in engines & any application where LPG, Diesel or any other petro-fuel is used.
  • Zero Effluent- There is no effluent. All the water is recycled and only makeup water is added.
  • Air Emission- Emission is only from gas generators, which is cleaner than CNG engines and fulfill all the statutory requirements
  • No solid waste- Un-burnt material (charcoal)coming from gasifier can be sold out in market, Tar is separated from water and can be sold in the market
  • Noise Pollution- All the equipment used in the plant are designed in a way that they do not cause any noise pollution.
  • Zero Sulphur
    Producer Gas is free from sulphur as biomass has no sulphur content.
  • Extra Clean Gas
    In our system, we use ESP, Chiller, Fine filter & fabric filter, so gas is extra clean & is suitable for gas engines in Power generation and in those thermal applications where extra clean gas is required.