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Feb 21

How to Improve the Quality of Cement Clinkers

Summary: A look at the various processes that can be incorporated to improve the efficiency of cement clinkers.

In simple words, a cement clinker is a ball shaped combination of various raw ingredients used for creating cement. It is formed by subjecting the component materials slurry to the high temperatures in a cement kiln.

Feb 21

The Differences Between Wet and Dry Type Air Classifiers

Summary: A comparative study of the two main types of high-efficiency classifiers.

An air classifier is a machine used in industries to separate coarse particles from fine particulate matter and heavier particles from lighter ones. In high-efficiency classifiers, the materials are neatly divided, therefore reducing over-grinding.

Jan 13

How to Optimise Cement Manufacturing Process

Aim: To achieve maximum output with the required level of grinding fineness.

Optimisation of the clinker-making process is typically done to decrease the heat consumption, to improve the clinker quality, and to improve the lifetime of the equipment (the refractory lining, for example). This is achieved by keeping the process parameters stable.

Jan 13

Biomass Based “Grid-Connected” Power Plants

Grid connected biomass gasifier power plants are relatively large sized gasifiers with capacities ranging in hundreds of kW. An example is given below for such type of grid connected biomass power plant:

Chanderpur Works Pvt Ltd , has set up a 1 MW gasifier based power plant linked to the State grid. It is located in Mullana village in Ambala district of Haryana. In this plant they are using wood, wood waste etc.

Nov 23

A Look at 50th Years of Chanderpur Group’s Journey

Chanderpur Group started out as a small company called Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd. in 1962. Back then, it was our founder Shri Sumesh Chandra who worked as a one man team to build the company from the ground up. And today, his hard work has flourished into a multi-million dollar industry.

After our humble beginning in 1962, we started supplying sugar machinery to the sugar industry. Our first big break came in 1970 when we entered the paper industry and then again in 1971, when we gave them its first pulping equipment. Within two years of that, we started supplying spherical and continuous digesters.

Nov 23

An Overview of Cement Industry in India

India is a service driven county. It thrives on its robust service sector. In terms of industry and infrastructure, it doesn’t feature very prominently on the world map. However, the one industry where it out performs most developed countries is Cement.

There is a huge market for cement in India. That’s the reason we are the second largest producers of cement in the world!

There are many factors at play in the Indian economy that are working towards making this industry even more robust. Some of these are as follows: