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Coal Gasifier Manufacturers


  • CPG range starts are from 20KWe to 1200KWe gasifers for Thermal and Power Application
  • 100+ CPG Gasifier running successfully
  • CE marked Gasifiers in cooperating of all safety requirement
  • Fully automated
  • Robust design
  • High reliability
  • Designed for easy maintenance


  • Petrol-fuel replacement
  • Stainless steel Re-rolling industries
  • Lime kiln
  • Hot air generators
  • Galvanizing industries
  • Hot water generator
  • Glass melting & annealing
  • Aluminum die cast
  • Copper/ Brass sheet industries

Type of Coal Gasifier

  1. Extended Shaft Gasifiers
  2. Single Stage Gasifiers

Single Stage Suitable, where B & C high grade coal is to be used. Other features are high temperature gas production, so no condensation of tar occurs. High hot gas efficiency more than 80%.CPW is perhaps the only company in the world who are supplying all types of gasifiers. CPW provides the complete solution once customer informs their application & raw material. CPW identifies the suitable gasifier for the customer then design, supply and do the erection & commissioning of the Gasifiers. (Complete Turnkey solution)

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Note- Both type gasifiers can be provided with gas cleaning system to suit customer requirement

Advantages of Coal Gasifiers

  • Extremely Clean emission- no pollution control equipment is required on furnace exhaust. Ash is collected in the gasifiers ash pan
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Lowest running cost in comparison to fossil fuel i.e. furnace oil & LPG etc
  • High thermal efficiency leads to less fuel consumption

Salient Features of CPW Gasifier

  • Automation- CPG manufacture fully automatic control gasifiers based on PLC & SCADA to control temperature, pressure & gas flow between gasifier & application.
  • Safety Devices- CPG manufacture gasifiers keeping in mind all safety measures & provides rupture disk, auto vent valve & water seals at different points. Due to safety feature CPG gasifiers are
    “CE” marked
  • Training to Customers- CPG provides training to the manpower to operate the plant smoothly & trouble free.
  • Energy Audit- CPG provides energy audit for the customers to aware them regarding energy saving & make their system cost effective.
  • Standardization- CPG gasifiers are standardized and uses all components as per international specifications, so the bought out parts are easily available all over the world.