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Certification by CCOE, Nagpur

  • Pressure Vessels

Now, CPG has been certified as manufacturer of pressure vessels by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (Formerly known as Department of Explosives):

Our Achievement - Pressure  Vessel Division

Our Achievement - Pressure Vessel Division

CPG has succesfully delivered first consignment of high pressure vessel with following specifications.

  • Inner Diameter : 3500 MM
  • Length : 14 MTR
  • Weight : 78.5 MT
  • MOC : SA516 Grade 70
  • Pressure : 48 Bar

New Development by Gasifier Division

New Development by Gasifier Division

Now from last two months, our stress relieving furnace is running on biomass
(rice husk/biomass) instead of diesel through our gasification technology.

Our Achievement - Pressure  Vessel Division


CPG got LL-C Certificate of confirmity for Safety, Security, Environment & Quality for our supply of biomass gasifier of 500 KW in Mokrance, Czech Republic, S.R.O

Latest Dispatches by Cement Division

Latest Dispatches by Cement Division

CPG dispatched a cement mill to M/s. Meghalaya Cements recently, having below specifications:

Equipment - Rotary Screen

Success Story
Equipment - Rotary Screen

Application - Sorting of Alumina scrap/ Zorba

  • Capacity - 10 TPH
  • Size- 1500 mm dia. x 8450 mm Length

New Development (Successful Trials Conducted)

New Development (Successful Trials Conducted

1. Equipment - Drum Scrubber, Friction Drive

Lime Slaker

2. Equipment for Paper Industry - Lime Slaker

  • Application - Continuous lime slaking
  • Capacity - 60 T/Day of lime

Recent Supplies of Ball Mills

Ball Mills

1. Application- Quartz Grinding

2. Application- Sand grinding (Wet) for AAC plant

3. Application: Limestone Grinding (Wet)


Training Being Conducted At CPG

CPG is continuously conducting management training courses for their employees enabling them to enhance their managerial skills

Our Participation at various seminars/ exhibitions held in last month.


In last few months, we have participated in following seminars/ exhibitions.

1.Global summit for Sustainable Growth

2. Alternative fuels in Cement Industry by NCB

3. Energy conservation in Cement Industry

We would like to thank all organizers for arranging such
beneficial seminars/exhibitions.