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rather than Quantity

NPK Fertilizer Plant Manufacturer

We undertake NPK Fertilizer Plant, Granulated NPK Fertilizer Plant and NPK Fertilizer Production Plant in which raw materials required to produce NPK are rock phosphate, potash, urea and coating agent. Phosphates, potash and urea are fed to mixer in measured quantities. Mixed material is then fed to granulator, where coating agents are added.

The granulator discharge is then dried in the dryer. The dryer discharge is then fed to cooler. Dried and cooled NPK is then fed to storage hopper. Finally, packing is done using automated machines.

  • Market studies
  • Techno-economical studies
  • Project site selection
  • Raw material testing
  • Project engineering & reports
  • Pollution control and environment engineering
  • Waste management
  • Energy conservation and management
  • After sales services
  • Development of spares