About Chanderpur Group

Our strength is our 50+ years experience


Chanderpur Group is founded by Shri Sumesh Chandra in 1962 with the initiation of first company “Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd.” CPG group has been growing since then with the addition of multiple products, increase in area of operations and nevertheless, we now have our clients around the globe covering almost all continents.
  • In 1962, Group was founded with its first company Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd.
  • In 1962, started supplying sugar machinery for sugar industry
  • In 1970, entered into machinery manufacturing for paper industry
  • In 1971, supplied its first pulping equipment
  • In 1973, supplied its first spherical digester and since then, started supplies in the field of continuous digesters
  • In 1980, Cement machinery supplies started with supply of our first VSK cement plant
  • In 1990, CPG started catering to fertilizer and mineral processing industry
  • In 2000, we supplied our first Rotary Kiln Cement Plant
  • In 2004, after extensive research, CPG supplied first gasification project
  • In 2010, we joined hands with Christian Pfeiffier, Germany and formed a Joint venture company “Christian Pfeiffier India Pvt. Ltd.”
  • In 2011, CPG added one more company in its group “Chanderpur Industries Pvt. Ltd.” and added state of the art in house facilities
  • In 2013, CPG installed a grid connected biomass power plant in its group company “Chanderpur Renewal Power Co. Ltd.”
  • In 2014, CPG formed a company in Solvakia known as “Intravis S.R.O.” to provide service in European Region
  • In 2014, one of the company of CPG which is “Chanderpur Industries Pvt Ltd” got certified from ASME as ‘U’ Stamp for manufacturing pressure vessels
Our Strength
With our 50 years + experience, we have more than 800 employees in our group. Not only experience, our strength is
  • Third and fourth generation engineering entrepreneurs with extensive technical knowledge
  • Our reputed clients
  • Dedicated force of experienced employees working with s from more than 30 years
  • Young team of highly qualified mechanical engineers, process engineers, chemical engineers and industrial engineers
  • Major aspect of our strength is our brilliant and young staff of average 35 years
  • Credibility of supplying to multiple business spheres
  • Our 25 years old associated vendors ranging from micro and small companies
Advantage for our clients
Different areas of operation with engineering, procurement and commissioning experience gives CPG the strength for implementing the success story of one industry sphere into the other sphere.
Such as if one new development has been observed for Cement Industry, then it gets incorporated with our solutions for Fertilizer Industry. Being the leader among our business spheres, we get access to the latest information and updates for new advancements and it becomes our first requirement to adapt those new technologies. Due to this, our clients get most advanced environment of electrical systems, automation systems and highly energy efficient products.
  • Our Group Companies
    Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd.
    “Our Flagship Company”
  • Our Group Companies
    Chanderpur Renewal Power Co. Ltd.
    “Initiative towards green environment”
  • Our Group Companies
    Chanderpur Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    “Certified as U-stamp by ASME and R-stamp”
  • Our Group Companies
    Scan Projects Ltd.
    “Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange”
  • Our Group Companies
    Christian Pfeiffier India Pvt. Ltd.
    “A Joint Venture company of Chanderpur Group and Christian Pfeiffier, Germany”
  • Our Group Companies
    Intravis S.R.O.
    “Based out in European Region for providing quickest services to our customers”